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2010Determining the time–frequency parameters of low-power bright picosecond optical pulses by using the interferometric techniqueArtículoALEXANDER SHCHERBAKOV; ANA LUZ MUÑOZ ZURITA18-May-2018
2010Acousto-optical spectrum analysis of ultra-high-frequency radio-wave analogue signals with an improved resolution exploiting the collinear acoustic wave heterodyningArtículoALEXANDER SHCHERBAKOV; ABRAHAM LUNA CASTELLANOS; DANIEL SANCHEZ LUCERO15-Aug-2018
2010Theoretical study of implementing an all-optical analogue-to-digital conversion based on the Mach–Zehnder interferometric configurationsArtículoALEXANDER SHCHERBAKOV; IVAN HERNANDEZ ROMANO15-Aug-2018
2010N-scroll chaotic attractors from saturated function series employing CCII+sArtículoCARLOS SANCHEZ LOPEZ; RODOLFO TREJO GUERRA; JESUS MANUEL MUÑOZ PACHECO; ESTEBAN TLELO CUAUTLE23-Aug-2018
Feb-2010The circumnuclear environment of the peculiar galaxy NGC3310ArtículoELENA KIRILOVSKY TERLEVICH; ROBERTO GIOVANNI TERLEVICH AFONSO14-Sep-2018
2010Reference fields analysis of a Markov random field model to improve image segmentationArtículoERIKA DANAE LOPEZ ESPINOZA; LEOPOLDO ALTAMIRANO ROBLES14-Sep-2018
2010A review of instance selection methodsArtículoJOSE ARTURO OLVERA LOPEZ; JESUS ARIEL CARRASCO OCHOA; JOSE FRANCISCO MARTINEZ TRINIDAD; Josef Kittler14-Sep-2018
2010A versatile hardware architecture for a constant false alarm rate processor based on a linear insertion sorterArtículoJOSE ROBERTO PEREZ ANDRADE; RENE ARMANDO CUMPLIDO PARRA; CLAUDIA FEREGRINO URIBE; FERNANDO MARTIN DEL CAMPO RAMIREZ17-Sep-2018
2010A new fast prototype selection method based on clusteringArtículoJOSE ARTURO OLVERA LOPEZ; JESUS ARIEL CARRASCO OCHOA; JOSE FRANCISCO MARTINEZ TRINIDAD17-Sep-2018
2010A new algorithm for mining frequent connected subgraphs based on adjacency matricesArtículoANDRÉS GAGO ALONSO; Abel Puentes Luberta; JESUS ARIEL CARRASCO OCHOA; JOSE FRANCISCO MARTINEZ TRINIDAD17-Sep-2018