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2009An AzTEC 1.1mm survey of the GOODS-N field – II. Multiwavelength identifications and redshift distributionArtículoITZIAR ARETXAGA MENDEZ; David Hughes21-Aug-2018
2009AzTEC millimetre survey of the COSMOS field – II. Source count overdensity and correlations with large-scale structureArtículoITZIAR ARETXAGA MENDEZ; David Hughes22-Aug-2018
2009The role of the synchrotron component in the mid-infrared spectrum of M 87ArtículoJOSE RAMON VALDES PARRA; MIGUEL Y ROSA MARIA CHAVEZ DAGOSTINO23-Aug-2018
2009Multiwavelength monitoring of the enigmatic narrow-line seyfert 1 PMN J0948+0022 in 2009 march–julyArtículoALBERTO CARRAMIÑANA ALONSO; LUIS CARRASCO BAZUA; ELSA RECILLAS PISHMISH24-Aug-2018
20-Dec-2009Blast: correlations in the cosmic far-infrared background at 250, 350, and 500 μm reveal clustering of star-forming galaxiesArtículoDavid Hughes13-Sep-2018
2009The local far-infrared galaxy colour–luminosity distribution: a reference for BLAST and Herschel/SPIRE submillimetre surveysArtículoDavid Hughes; ITZIAR ARETXAGA MENDEZ13-Sep-2018
22-Aug-2009Constraints on the high-ℓ power spectrum of millimeter-wave anisotropies from APEX-SZArtículoDANIEL FERRUSCA RODRIGUEZ13-Sep-2018
2010The far-infrared/submillimeter properties of galaxies located behind the Bullet cluster*ArtículoITZIAR ARETXAGA MENDEZ; David Hughes26-Sep-2018
28-Oct-2010The BLAST 250 μm-selected galaxy population in GOODS-South ArtículoDavid Hughes18-Oct-2018
2010Herschel ATLAS: The cosmic star formation history of quasar host galaxies🟉ArtículoDavid Hughes22-Oct-2018