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20-Mar-2009Detection of star streams and turbulence in nearby galaxies: power spectrum analysis of spitzer imagesArtículoIVANIO PUERARI13-Sep-2018
May-2009On the compact H II galaxy UM 408 as seen by GMOS-IFU: physical conditionsArtículoGUILLERMO TENORIO TAGLE14-Sep-2018
2010An investigation of the dust content in the galaxy pair NGC 1512/1510 from near-infrared to millimeter wavelengthsArtículoDavid Hughes; ITZIAR ARETXAGA MENDEZ29-Oct-2018
2010A two-component power law covering nearly four orders of magnitude in the power spectrum of spitzer far-infrared emission from the large magellanic cloudArtículoIvanio Puerari12-Nov-2018
11-Dec-2010ISM properties in hydrodynamic galaxy simulations: Turbulence cascades, cloud formation, role of gravity and FeedbackArtículoIvanio Puerari13-Nov-2018
2011Detection of an ultrabright submillimetre galaxy in the Subaru/XMM–Newton Deep Field using AzTEC/ASTEArtículoItziar Aretxaga; David Hughes8-Oct-2019
25-Oct-2011Temperature Variations of Cold Dust in the Triangulum Galaxy M 33ArtículoDavid Hughes; Itziar Aretxaga8-Oct-2019
Feb-2012Evolution of star-forming dwarf galaxies: characterizing the star formation scenariosArtículoROBERTO GIOVANNI TERLEVICH15-Oct-2019
2011Nearby early-type galaxies with ionized gas: VI. The Spitzer-IRS view. Basic data set analysis and empirical spectral classification 🟉, 🟉 🟉ArtículoOLGA MERCEDES VEGA CASANOVA15-Oct-2019
Dec-2011Ionized outflows in SDSS type 2 quasars at z ∼ 0.3–0.6🟉ArtículoAndrew Humphrey22-Oct-2019