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2010An economical class of droop-compensated generalized comb filters: Analysis and DesignArtículoGORDANA JOVANOVIC DOLECEK; Massimiliano Laddomada15-Oct-2018
2010Compensated CIC-cosine decimation filterArtículoGORDANA JOVANOVIC DOLECEK; FERNANDO JAVIER TREJO TORRES15-Oct-2018
2010Frequency-based optimization design for fractional delay FIR filters with software-defined radio applicationsArtículoJOSE JAVIER DIAZ CARMONA; GORDANA JOVANOVIC DOLECEK; AGUSTIN RAMIREZ AGUNDIS15-Oct-2018
2010General polynomial factorization-based design of sparse periodic linear arraysArtículoGORDANA JOVANOVIC DOLECEK15-Oct-2018
2010Two-stage CIC-based decimator with improved characteristicsArtículoGORDANA JOVANOVIC DOLECEK15-Oct-2018
2007Modified CIC filter for rational sample rate conversionArtículoGORDANA JOVANOVIC DOLECEK16-Oct-2018
2011An L1 design of GCF compensation filterArtículoALFONSO FERNANDEZ VAZQUEZ; GORDANA JOVANOVIC DOLECEK28-May-2019
2011Design of multiplierless decimation filters using an extended search of cyclotomic polynomialsArtículoMassimiliano Laddomada; David Ernesto Troncoso Romero; GORDANA JOVANOVIC DOLECEK7-Jun-2019
2011Advanced techniques on multirate signal processing for digital information processingArtículoMassimiliano Laddomada; GORDANA JOVANOVIC DOLECEK; Markku Renfors7-Jun-2019
2011On MATLAB demonstrations of narrowband Gaussian noiseArtículoGORDANA JOVANOVIC DOLECEK17-Jun-2019