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2012Diseño óptimo de transformadores de Hilbert sin multiplicadores con base en el uso de un subfiltro simpleArtículoDavid Ernesto Troncoso Romero; MIRIAM GUADALUPE CRUZ JIMENEZ; GORDANA JOVANOVIC DOLECEK28-Apr-2021
Feb-2012Maximally Flat CIC Compensation Filter: Design and Multiplierless ImplementationArtículoGORDANA JOVANOVIC DOLECEK29-Apr-2021
Mar-2012On Passband and Stopband Cascaded-Integrator-Comb Improvements Using a Second Order IIR FilterArtículoGORDANA JOVANOVIC DOLECEK28-Apr-2021
Oct-2012Stability of real-valued maximally flat Thiran allpole filtersArtículoGORDANA JOVANOVIC DOLECEK29-Apr-2021
2013On the Estimation of the Minimum Number of Distinct Multipliers in FIR Hilbert Transformers based on Frequency TransformationArtículoDavid Ernesto Troncoso Romero; MIRIAM GUADALUPE CRUZ JIMENEZ; GORDANA JOVANOVIC DOLECEK24-Mar-2022
Jun-2013Interactive MATLAB-Based Demo Program for Sum of Independent Random VariablesArtículoGORDANA JOVANOVIC DOLECEK24-Mar-2022
Dec-2013Application of generalized sharpening technique for two-stage comb decimator filter designArtículoMIRIAM GUADALUPE CRUZ JIMENEZ; GORDANA JOVANOVIC DOLECEK24-Mar-2022
May-2013Novel droop-compensated comb decimation filter with improved alias rejectionsArtículoGORDANA JOVANOVIC DOLECEK; ALFONSO FERNANDEZ VAZQUEZ14-Mar-2022
Feb-2013Analysis and Design of Offset QPSK Using Redundant Filter BanksArtículoALFONSO FERNANDEZ VAZQUEZ; GORDANA JOVANOVIC DOLECEK24-Mar-2022
Aug-2013Application of amplitude transformation for compensation of comb decimation filtersArtículoDavid Ernesto Troncoso Romero; GORDANA JOVANOVIC DOLECEK24-Mar-2022