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2009AzTEC millimetre survey of the COSMOS field – II. Source count overdensity and correlations with large-scale structureArtículoITZIAR ARETXAGA MENDEZ; David Hughes22-Aug-2018
2009A bright submillimeter source in the bullet cluster (1E0657-56) field detected with blastArtículoITZIAR ARETXAGA MENDEZ; David Hughes; ALFREDO AGUSTIN MONTAÑA BARBANO22-Aug-2018
20-Dec-2009Blast: correlations in the cosmic far-infrared background at 250, 350, and 500 μm reveal clustering of star-forming galaxiesArtículoDavid Hughes13-Sep-2018
20-Dec-2009Blast: resolving the cosmic submillimeter backgroundArtículoDavid Hughes13-Sep-2018
Aug-2009The blast survey of the vela molecular cloud: physical properties of the dense cores in vela-DArtículoDavid Hughes13-Sep-2018
20-Dec-2009Blast: the mass function, lifetimes, and properties of intermediate mass cores from a 50 deg² submillimeter galactic survey in vela (ℓ ≈265º)ArtículoDavid Hughes13-Sep-2018
20-Dec-2009The balloon-borne large aperture submillimeter telescope (BLAST) 2006: calibration and flight performanceArtículoDavid Hughes13-Sep-2018
2009Blast observations of resolved galaxies: temperature profiles and the effect of active galactic nuclei on fir to submillimeter emissionArtículoDavid Hughes13-Sep-2018
2009Submillimeter number counts from statistical analysis of blast mapsArtículoDavid Hughes13-Sep-2018
2009Blast: the redshift surveyArtículoDavid Hughes13-Sep-2018