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Welcome to our Institutional Repository INAOE!

Our repository is a digital platform that contains all our academic, scientific, technological and innovation information, which is linked to the National Repository CONACYT following international standards set out in the Technical Guidelines for the construction of institutional repositories published by CONACYT.


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Issue DateTitlePublication Type/ Resource TypeAuthor(s)Submit Date
2008Automatic simulation of 1D and 2D chaotic oscillatorsArtículoESTEBAN TLELO CUAUTLE; JESUS MANUEL MUÑOZ PACHECO7-May-2018
2009Automatic synthesis of 2D‐n‐scrolls chaotic systems by behavioral modelingArtículoJESUS MANUEL MUÑOZ PACHECO; ESTEBAN TLELO CUAUTLE27-Aug-2018
2007Frequency scaling simulation of Chua’s circuit by automatic determination and control of step-sizeArtículoESTEBAN TLELO CUAUTLE; JESUS MANUEL MUÑOZ PACHECO; Jorge Martinez_Carballido20-Feb-2018
2010N-scroll chaotic attractors from saturated function series employing CCII+sArtículoCarlos Sanchez Lopez; RODOLFO TREJO GUERRA; JESUS MANUEL MUÑOZ PACHECO; ESTEBAN TLELO CUAUTLE23-Oct-2018
2007Numerical simulation of chua’s circuit oriented to circuit synthesisArtículoESTEBAN TLELO CUAUTLE; JESUS MANUEL MUÑOZ PACHECO20-Feb-2018
2010On the relation between the number of scrolls and the lyapunov exponents in PWL-functions-based η-scroll chaotic oscillatorsArtículoRODOLFO TREJO GUERRA; ESTEBAN TLELO CUAUTLE; JESUS MANUEL MUÑOZ PACHECO; CARLOS SANCHEZ LOPEZ24-Oct-2018
2010Realization of multiscroll chaotic attractors by using current-feedback operational amplifiersArtículoRODOLFO TREJO GUERRA; ESTEBAN TLELO CUAUTLE; CARLOS SANCHEZ LOPEZ; JESUS MANUEL MUÑOZ PACHECO24-Oct-2018
2009Synthesis of chaotic oscillators by applying behavioral modelingTesis de doctoradoJESUS MANUEL MUÑOZ PACHECO20-Sep-2017
2008Synthesis of n-Scroll attractors using saturated functions from High-Level simulationArtículoJESUS MANUEL MUÑOZ PACHECO; ESTEBAN TLELO CUAUTLE7-May-2018