CONACYT Privacy Policy

In CONACYT we recognize the importance of protecting the privacy of personal information collected through our system. That is why it’s important for us to let you know the way in which we retrieve your information, and the use we give them in the development of processes and projects that this Council operates.

CONACYT retrieves two types of information from its users:

  • Optional information provided through the voluntary registration on our sites.
  • Information collected through additional retrieving to reconcile viewed pages of our sites.

This information allows us to adjust the content of our sites to fulfil the needs of the participants in a better way and to have a better understanding of our users.
Because of this, CONACYT will not disclose to others the personal information collected by the usage of the website without your authorization, unless it’s an exception contained in this Privacy Policy.

Ways to Gather Information

Voluntary Registration

CONACYT retrieves information by requesting it specifically through the registration systems and by assigning a username and password for you to have access to specific systems for the registration of personal data, the request of information or the requiring of a service.

Additional Tracking

CONACYT collects IP addresses for the administration deposits of the system in order to provide additional information to its users and to audit the usage of our site.

Use of Cookies

In order to make the use of CONACYT websites more agile, several cookies are generated that allow faster logins, accelerate the navigation, and establish personal references free of malicious code.

Privacy Policy

CONACYT will not disclose your personal information unless you give express authorization to do so, a judicial resolution, or when, by CONACYT judgement, the disclosure of information may identify, contact or facilitate legal action against whoever violates CONACYT terms of use or service, cause perjury, or interfering with any of CONACYT rights, property or programs.

Information Update

In case you need to update your information, CONACYT will provide the mechanisms that allow you to do so in a secure and confidential way.

Links to External Sites

CONACYT is not responsible for the given information in its sites that have been linked from any other page of the Council but outside its websites.

Information Security

CONACYT guarantees the protection of the information retrieved through its websites and stored in any of its databases, using leading-edge technology and international standards in its handling and storage.

Acceptance of these Terms

By using CONACYT websites, you accept “CONACYT Privacy Policy”. If you do not agree with “CONACYT Privacy Policy”, please do not use the websites.