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Issue DateTitlePublication Type/ Resource TypeAuthor(s)Submit Date
Feb-20193D modelling of near-earth asteroids using lightcurve databaseTesis de maestríaJonatan Michimani4-Apr-2019
Feb-2014A 0.18μm CMOS internally-compensated low-dropout voltage regulatorTesis de maestríaCARLOS FELIPE VENTURA ARIZMENDI-
Feb-2015A 2D simulation methodology for thermo-magnetics effects on tunneling mechanisms of nano-scaled MOS devicesTesis de doctoradoGABRIELA ALEJANDRA RODRIGUEZ RUIZ-
Jul-2016A 8-10Gbps 4-PAM transmitter actively terminated with pre-emphasis designTesis de maestríaJESUS ALONZO RODRIGUEZ ORTIZ24-Nov-2017
2011A biometric system based on neural networks and SVM using morphological feature extraction from hand-shape imagesArtículoJUAN MANUEL RAMIREZ CORTES; María del Pilar Gómez Gil; VICENTE ALARCON AQUINO; JOSE MIGUEL DAVID BAEZ LOPEZ; ROGERIO ADRIAN ENRIQUEZ CALDERA18-Jun-2019
2009A bright submillimeter source in the bullet cluster (1E0657-56) field detected with blastArtículoITZIAR ARETXAGA MENDEZ; David Hughes; ALFREDO AGUSTIN MONTAÑA BARBANO22-Aug-2018
2008A bright, dust-obscured, millimeter-selected galaxy beyond the bullet cluster (1E0657-56)ArtículoDavid Hughes; ITZIAR ARETXAGA MENDEZ; DANIEL FERRUSCA RODRIGUEZ; IDALIA HERNANDEZ CURIEL; ALFREDO AGUSTIN MONTAÑA BARBANO4-Apr-2018
2007A broadband spectroscopic search for CO line emission in HDF850.1: the brightest submillimetre object in the hubble deep field northArtículoDavid Hughes; ITZIAR ARETXAGA MENDEZ; ENRIQUE GAZTAÑAGA BALBAS6-Mar-2018
Aug-2012A catalog of planetary nebula candidates in the Sculptor spiral galaxy NGC300⋆, ⋆ ⋆ArtículoLILIANA HERNANDEZ MARTINEZ13-Dec-2019
Jun-2013A CMOS automatic gain control design based on piece-wise linear circuitsTesis de doctoradoDAVID MORO FRIAS-
2011A comparison of dynamic naive Bayesian classifiers and hidden Markov models for gesture recognitionArtículoHECTOR HUGO AVILES ARRIAGA; Luis Enrique Sucar Succar; Luis Alberto Pineda Cortés12-Mar-2019
Jan-2012A consistent comparison of bias models using observational dataArtículoManolis Plionis13-Dec-2019
2011A current mode CMOS noise generator using multiple Bernoulli mapsArtículoJosé Alejandro Díaz Méndez; JOSE LUIS DEL RIO CORREA; MIGUEL CRUZ IRISSON2-May-2019
Feb-2014A design methodology for automatic generation of processor arrays based on the polytope modelTesis de doctoradoJUAN MANUEL CAMPOS DIAZ-
Feb-2014A design methodology for automatic generation of processor arrays based on the polytope modelTesis de doctoradoJUAN MANUEL CAMPOS DIAZ6-Nov-2017
2011A design-oriented methodology for accurate modeling of on-chip interconnectsArtículoOSCAR GONZÁLEZ DÍAZ; MONICO LINARES ARANDA; Reydezel Torres Torres17-Jun-2019
Aug-2013A domain adaptation method for text classification based on self-adjusted training approachTesis de maestríaIVAN GARRIDO MARQUEZ-
2012A dynamic Bayesian network for estimating the risk of falls from real gait dataArtículoGERMAN CUAYA SIMBRO; ANGELICA MUÑOZ MELENDEZ; LIDIA NUÑEZ CARRERA; Eduardo Francisco Morales Manzanares; IVETT QUIÑONES URIOSTEGUI; ALDO ALESSI MONTERO13-Nov-2019
2012A dynamic clustering algorithm for building overlapping clustersArtículoAIREL PEREZ SUAREZ; José Francisco Martínez Trinidad; Jesús Ariel Carrasco Ochoa; José Eladio Medina Pagola30-Oct-2019
Feb-2019A full meta-learning approach to assist in the full model selection problem in high volume datasetsTesis de doctoradoAngel Diaz Pacheco21-Mar-2019