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Welcome to our Institutional Repository INAOE!

Our repository is a digital platform that contains all our academic, scientific, technological and innovation information, which is linked to the National Repository CONACYT following international standards set out in the Technical Guidelines for the construction of institutional repositories published by CONACYT.


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Issue DateTitlePublication Type/ Resource TypeAuthor(s)Submit Date
Aug-2015A study of optical and radio properties of radio-loud AGNTesis de maestríaERIC FAUSTINO JIMÉNEZ ANDRADE-
Nov-2013Correlación entre la masa del agujero negro y los parámetros del jet relativista en blazaresTesis de maestríaALEJANDRO OLGUIN IGLESIAS-
2008Long-term variability of the optical spectra of NGC 4151: I. Light curves and flux correlations.ArtículoVAHRAM CHAVUSHYAN; LUIS CARRASCO BAZUA; JONATHAN FRANCISCO LEON TAVARES; JOSE RAMON VALDES PARRA3-Apr-2018
2010Long-term variability of the optical spectra of NGC4151. II. Evolution of the broad Hα and Hβ emission-line profiles.ArtículoVAHRAM CHAVUSHYAN; JONATHAN FRANCISCO LEON TAVARES15-Oct-2018
2010Observational evidence for the link between the variable optical continuum and the subparsec-scale jet of the radio galaxy 3C 390.3ArtículoJONATHAN FRANCISCO LEON TAVARES; VAHRAM CHAVUSHYAN15-Oct-2018
Mar-2009Physics of the central engine and nuclear regions in radio-loud active galactic nucleiTesis de doctoradoJONATHAN FRANCISCO LEON TAVARES18-Sep-2017
Nov-2015Primeras observaciones del programa MESCAL (Monitoring Extragalactic Sources and the Galactic Center with AzTEC on LMT)Tesis de maestríaEMMANUEL RÍOS LÓPEZ-
2010Relativistic plasma as the dominant source of the optical continuum emission in the broad-line radio galaxy 3C 120ArtículoJONATHAN FRANCISCO LEON TAVARES; VAHRAM CHAVUSHYAN15-Oct-2018
Oct-2009The expanding nebular remnant of the recurrent nova rs ophiuchi (2006). II. modeling of combined hubble space telescope imaging and ground-based spectroscopyArtículoVAHRAM CHAVUSHYAN; JONATHAN FRANCISCO LEON TAVARES3-Sep-2018