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Issue DateTitlePublication Type/ Resource TypeAuthor(s)Submit Date
Jan-2012A consistent comparison of bias models using observational dataArtículoManolis Plionis13-Dec-2019
2011A strategy to measure the dark energy equation of state using the H 🇮🇮 galaxy Hubble function and X-ray active galactic nuclei clustering: preliminary resultsArtículoManolis Plionis; ROBERTO GIOVANNI TERLEVICH AFONSO; Elena Kirilovsky Terlevich; RICARDO CHAVEZ MURILLO15-Oct-2019
2013Activity of the Seyfert galaxy neighbours⋆,⋆⋆ArtículoManolis Plionis; Vahram Chavushyan28-Sep-2021
18-Jan-2012Angular correlation functions of X-ray point-like sources in the full exposure XMM-LSS field ⋆ArtículoManolis Plionis10-Dec-2019
10-May-2010Breaking the σ₈–Ωₘ degeneracy using the clustering of HIGH-𝓏 x-ray active galactic nucleiArtículoManolis Plionis9-Nov-2018
1-Jul-2013Classification and environmental properties of X-ray selected point-like sources in the XMM-LSS field⋆ArtículoManolis Plionis1-Nov-2021
28-Sep-2012Clustering, Bias and the Accretion Mode of X-ray selected AGNArtículoManolis Plionis11-Dec-2019
11-Jan-2013Clustering, Bias and the Accretion Mode of X-ray selected AGNArtículoManolis Plionis28-Sep-2021
2010Confronting dark energy models using galaxy cluster number countsArtículoManolis Plionis9-Nov-2018
Jul-2010Constraining the dark energy equation of state using alternative cosmic tracersTesis de maestríaRICARDO CHAVEZ MURILLO27-Sep-2017
2009Could dark matter interactions be an alternative to dark energy?ArtículoManolis Plionis13-Sep-2018
Mar-2012Determining the Hubble constant using Giant extragalactic HII regions and HII galaxiesArtículoRICARDO CHAVEZ MURILLO; Elena Kirilovsky Terlevich; ROBERTO GIOVANNI TERLEVICH AFONSO; Manolis Plionis6-Dec-2019
21-May-2012Dynamics and constraints of the dissipative Liouville cosmologyArtículoManolis Plionis3-Dec-2019
May-2011Dynamics and constraints of the massive gravitons dark matter flat cosmologiesArtículoManolis Plionis28-Aug-2019
2007Environmental effects of dark matter haloes: the clustering-substructure relation of group-size haloesArtículoManolis Plionis15-Mar-2018
2007Environmental influences on the morphology and dynamics of group-sized haloesArtículoManolis Plionis15-Mar-2018
5-Aug-2011Hubble expansion and structure formation in the “running FLRW model” of the cosmic evolutionArtículoManolis Plionis29-Aug-2019
2007Large scale structure in the HI parkes all-sky survey: filling the voids with HI galaxies?ArtículoManolis Plionis15-Mar-2018
2008Luminosity dependent X-ray AGN clustering ?ArtículoManolis Plionis9-Apr-2018
Apr-2010Luminous x-ray agn in clusters of galaxiesArtículoManolis Plionis9-Nov-2018