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An advanced spectrum analysis of radio-wave signals using non-collinear anomalous light scattering
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Spectrometers and spectroscopic instrumentation
Acousto-optical materials
Dynamic diffraction grating
Acousto-optical devices
High resolution
We present principally new acousto-optical cell providing an advanced wide-band spectrum analysis of ultra-high frequency radio-wave signals. For the first time we apply recently developed approach with the tilt angle to a one-phonon non-collinear anomalous light scattering. In contrast to earlier cases, now one can exploit a regime with the fixed optical wavelength for processing a great number of acoustic frequencies simultaneously in the linear regime. The chosen for cell rutile-crystal combines a moderate acoustic velocity with low acoustic attenuation and allows us a wide-band data processing within GHz-frequency acoustic waves. We have created and experimentally tested a 6 cm aperture rutile-made acousto-optical cell providing the central frequency 2.0 GHz, frequency bandwidth ~ 0.52 GHz with the frequency resolution about 68.3 kHz and ~ 7620 resolvable spots. Similar cell permits designing an advanced ultra-high-frequency arm within recently developed multi-band radio-wave acousto-optical spectrometer for astrophysical studies. This spectrometer is intended to operate with a few parallel optical arms for processing the multi-frequency data flows within astrophysical observations. Keeping all the instrument’s advantages of previous schematic arrangement, now one can create the highest-frequency arm using the developed rutile-based acousto-optical cell. It permits optimizing the performances inherent in that arm via regulation of both the central frequency and the frequency bandwidth for spectrum analysis.
Instituto Nacional de Astrofísica, Óptica y Electrónica
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Shcherbakov, A. & Arellanes-Bernabe, A.O. (2017). An advanced spectrum analysis of radio-wave signals using non-collinear anomalous light scattering, Reporte Técnico, Instituto Nacional de Astrofísica, Óptica y Electrónica
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