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Surface Plasmon Singularities
Gabriel Cosntantino Martínez Niconoff
Gerardo Díaz González
Javier Silva Barranco
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Surface plasmon
Electromagnetic field
With the purpose to compare the physical features of the electromagnetic field, we describe the synthesis of optical singularities propagating in the free space and on a metal surface. In both cases the electromagnetic field has a slit-shaped curve as a boundary condition, and the singularities correspond to a shock wave that is a consequence of the curvature of the slit curve. As prototypes, we generate singularities that correspond to fold and cusped regions. We show that singularities in free space may generate bifurcation effects while plasmon fields do not generate these kinds of effects. Experimental results for free-space propagation are presented and for surface plasmon fields, computer simulations are shown.
International Journal of Optics
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Martínez Niconoff, G., et al., (2012), Surface Plasmon Singularities, International Journal of Optics, Vol. 2012(2012):1-8
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