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2-Oct-2013Searching for transits in the Wide Field Camera Transit Survey with difference-imaging light curvesArtículoCarlos del Burgo Díaz20-Nov-2021
21-Feb-2013Segmented vortex telescope and its tolerance to diffraction effects and primary aberrationsArtículoJUAN PABLO TREVIÑO GUTIERREZ; Omar López Cruz; SABINO CHAVEZ CERDA20-Nov-2021
25-Oct-2013Dusty supernovae running the thermodynamics of the matter reinserted within young and massive super stellar clustersArtículoGUILLERMO TENORIO TAGLE; SERGIY SILICH; SERGIO MARTINEZ GONZALEZ20-Nov-2021
11-Jan-2013Obscured star formation in Lyα blobs at z = 3.1ArtículoDavid Hughes20-Nov-2021
10-Sep-2013Detection of an ultra-bright submillimeter galaxy behind the small magellanic cloud*ArtículoItziar Aretxaga; David Hughes20-Nov-2021
10-Apr-2013Long-term optical polarization variability of the TeV blazar 1ES 1959+650ArtículoRaúl Mújica García20-Nov-2021
11-Jan-2013How Significant is Radiation Pressure in the Dynamics of the Gas Around Young Stellar Clusters?ArtículoSERGIY SILICH; GUILLERMO TENORIO TAGLE14-Nov-2021
11-Oct-2013The atacama cosmology telescope: cosmological parameters from three seasons of data.ArtículoDavid Hughes14-Nov-2021
10-Aug-2013Spectral optical monitoring of a double-peaked emission line AGN Arp 102B: Variability of spectral lines and continuum⋆ArtículoVahram Chavushyan; JOSE RAMON VALDES PARRA; CLAUDIA JANET AMPARO TORREALBA GARCIA; Victor Manuel Patiño Álvarez; Luis Carrasco Bazúa14-Nov-2021
8-Apr-2013Mass-metallicity relation explored with CALIFA: I. Is there a dependence on the star-formation rate?⋆ArtículoFernando Fabián Rosales Ortega14-Nov-2021
10-Jan-2013Disk Mass-to-Light ratio distribution from stellar population synthesis: Application to rotation curve decomposition of NGC 5278 (KPG 390 A).ArtículoERIC EMMANUEL MARTINEZ GARCIA14-Nov-2021
19-Mar-2013A Spitzer-IRS Spectroscopic atlas of early-type galaxies in the Revised Shapley-Ames CatalogArtículoOLGA MERCEDES VEGA CASANOVA7-Nov-2021
31-May-2013Young Stellar Clusters with a Schuster Mass Distribution - I: Stationary WindsArtículoSERGIO MARTINEZ GONZALEZ; SERGIY SILICH; GUILLERMO TENORIO TAGLE7-Nov-2021
15-Jan-2013Discovery of x-ray emission from young suns in the small magellanic cloudArtículoSERGIY SILICH7-Nov-2021
1-Dec-2013Mg II h + k Flux—Rotational Period Correlation for G-type StarsArtículoJOSE MANUEL OLMEDO AGUILAR; MIGUEL Y ROSA MARIA CHAVEZ DAGOSTINO; Emanuele Bertone; Víctor Hugo de la Luz Rodríguez7-Nov-2021
20-May-2013Reverberation and photoionization estimates of the Broad Line Region Radius in Low-z QuasarsArtículoCASTALIA ALENKA NEGRETE PEÑALOZA7-Nov-2021
1-Jan-2013The spatial distributions of the sources of UV solar Explosive Events at different velocitiesArtículoJosé Eduardo Mendoza Torres1-Nov-2021
1-Jul-2013Classification and environmental properties of X-ray selected point-like sources in the XMM-LSS field⋆ArtículoManolis Plionis1-Nov-2021
11-Dec-2013On the nature of the brightest globular cluster in M81ArtículoYalia Divakara Mayya; DANIEL ROSA GONZALEZ; MAYRA SANTIAGO CORTES; Lino Héctor Rodríguez Merino; OLGA MERCEDES VEGA CASANOVA; Luis Carrasco Bazúa1-Nov-2021
23-Sep-2013BL Lacertae identifications in a ROSAT-selected sample of Fermi unidentified objects⋆,⋆⋆ArtículoVahram Chavushyan1-Nov-2021
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 345