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2010Optical pulse compression and amplitude noise reduction using a non-linear optical loop mirror including a distributed Gires–Tournois etalonArtículoBALDEMAR IBARRA ESCAMILLA; EVGENY KUZIN19-Sep-2018
2010Switchable and tuneable multi-wavelength ER-doped fibre ring laser using sagnac filters¹ArtículoBALDEMAR IBARRA ESCAMILLA; EVGENY KUZIN19-Sep-2018
2010Generation of high-energy pulses from an all-normal-dispersion figure-8 fiber laser¹ArtículoBALDEMAR IBARRA ESCAMILLA; EVGENY KUZIN20-Sep-2018
2010Experimental investigation of the extraction of solitons at the initial stage of the soliton formation processArtículoMIGUEL ANGEL BELLO JIMENEZ; EVGENY KUZIN; BALDEMAR IBARRA ESCAMILLA; ARIEL FLORES ROSAS20-Sep-2018
2010Tuneable sagnac comb filter including two wave retardersArtículoBALDEMAR IBARRA ESCAMILLA; EVGENY KUZIN20-Sep-2018
2010Fine adjustment of cavity loss by sagnac loop for a dual wavelength generation¹ArtículoARIEL FLORES ROSAS; EVGENY KUZIN; MIGUEL ANGEL BELLO JIMENEZ; BALDEMAR IBARRA ESCAMILLA20-Sep-2018
4-Jul-2011Generation of long broadband pulses with a figure-eight fiber laser¹ArtículoBaldemar Ibarra Escamilla; EVGENY KUZIN28-Feb-2019
20-Jan-2011Theoretical and experimental analysis of tunable Sagnac high-birefringence loop filter for dual-wavelength laser applicationArtículoEVGENY KUZIN; Baldemar Ibarra Escamilla; ARIEL FLORES ROSAS28-Feb-2019
Jul-2011Optical switch based on stimulated Raman scatteringArtículoARIEL FLORES ROSAS; EVGENY KUZIN; Baldemar Ibarra Escamilla28-Feb-2019
2-Sep-2011Tunable Dual-Wavelength Fiber Laser Based on a Polarization-Maintaining Fiber Bragg Grating and a Hi-Bi Fiber Optical Loop Mirror¹ArtículoEVGENY KUZIN; Baldemar Ibarra Escamilla1-Mar-2019