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Boron incorporation and its effect on electronic properties of Ge:H films deposited by LF plasma
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Previously the deposition conditions that provided low absorption related to both band tail and deep localized states have been found. In this work boron doping of Ge:H films have been systematically investigated. The films were deposited by low frequency plasma under such conditions that resulted in a low density of localized states. The boron incorporation in solid phase was observed to increase linearly with the increase of the doping in the gas phase. The hydrogen concentration in the films was determined from FTIR and SIMS measurements. In the entire region of boron concentrations here studied, the hydrogen content changed nonmonotonously by a factor of 1.5 as it was determined from both stretching mode absorption at k ≈ 1870 cm-1 and SIMS data. The activation energy of conductivity increased in the range of [B]sol = 0 to 0.05% suggesting a compensation of electron conductivity, reaching maximum value Ea = 0.5 eV (corresponding approximately to Eg/2) at [B]sol = 0.05%. Then with further incorporation of boron reduced the value of the activation energy to a minimum value Ea = 0.27 eV (corresponding Fermi energy EF(RT) = 0.15 eV at [B]sol = 0.12 %. After this point, a behaviour showing a trend to saturation with further boron increase is observed. This behaviour is related to the change of charge transport from electron to intrinsic at [B]sol = 0.05% and beyond this point to hole transport. A significant reduction of both band tail and deep localized states were observed at [B]sol = 0.004%. The latter is presumably related to the improvement of the lattice structure.
Materials Research Society
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Kosarev, A., et al., (2008). Boron incorporation and its effect on electronic properties of Ge:H films deposited by LF plasma, Mater. Res. Soc. Symp. Proc. Vol. 1066 (A05-04): 1-6
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