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Aug-2013Characterization of RF-MOSFETs in Common-Source Configuration at Different Source-to-Bulk Voltages From S-ParametersArtículoFabián Zárate Rincón; GERMAN ANDRES ALVAREZ BOTERO; Reydezel Torres Torres; Roberto Stack Murphy Arteaga23-Sep-2022
Dec-2013Reflected Power Measurement of Antennas between 0 and 4 GHz using Optical Mixing of Distributed Feedback LasersArtículoALEJANDRO GARCIA JUAREZ; Ignacio Enrique Zaldívar Huerta; Jorge Rodríguez Asomoza; ARMANDO GREGORIO ROJAS HERNANDEZ23-Sep-2022
5-Nov-2013Transmission system for distribution of video over long-haul optical point-to-point links using a microwave photonic filter in the frequency range of 0.01–10 GHzArtículoIgnacio Enrique Zaldívar Huerta; DIEGO FELIPE PEREZ MONTAÑA; Pablo Hernández Nava; ALEJANDRO GARCIA JUAREZ; Jorge Rodríguez Asomoza; ANA LILIA LEAL CRUZ23-Sep-2022
14-Feb-2013Experimental transmission in a fiber-radio system using a microwave photonic filter at 2.8 GHzArtículoIgnacio Enrique Zaldívar Huerta; ALEJANDRO GARCIA JUAREZ; Pablo Hernández Nava; Jorge Rodríguez Asomoza15-Sep-2022
2-Jan-2013Indoor propagation modeling for radiating cable systems in the frequency range of 900-2500 MHzArtículoJorge Alberto Seseña Osorio; Ignacio Enrique Zaldívar Huerta15-Sep-2022
Jul-2013Modeling Resonances in Transmission Lines Fabricated Over Woven Fiber SubstratesArtículoReydezel Torres Torres15-Sep-2022
28-Dec-2012Germanium metal-semiconductor-metal photodetectors evanescently coupled with upper-level silicon oxynitride dielectric waveguidesArtículoALFONSO TORRES JACOME; Ignacio Enrique Zaldívar Huerta13-Sep-2022
2013Sizing Analog Integrated Circuits by Current-Branches-Bias Assignments with HeuristicsArtículoIvick Guerra Gomez; ESTEBAN TLELO CUAUTLE13-Sep-2022
25-Sep-2013Simulation and Experimental Realization of Multi-Scroll Chaotic OscillatorsArtículoESTEBAN TLELO CUAUTLE; VERONICA HERNANDEZ ARREOLA13-Sep-2022
Aug-2013Multiscroll floating gate–based integrated chaotic oscillatorArtículoRODOLFO TREJO GUERRA; ESTEBAN TLELO CUAUTLE7-Sep-2022
1-Oct-2013Richardson extrapolation-based sensitivity análisis in the multi-objective optimization of analog circuitsArtículoIvick Guerra Gomez; ESTEBAN TLELO CUAUTLE7-Sep-2022
Dec-2013Performance Bound Analysis of Analog Circuits in Frequency- and Time-Domain Considering Process VariationsArtículoADOLFO ADAIR PALMA RODRIGUEZ; ESTEBAN TLELO CUAUTLE7-Sep-2022
15-Jan-2013A survey on the integrated design of chaotic oscillatorsArtículoESTEBAN TLELO CUAUTLE; Victor Hugo Carbajal-Gómez; GUSTAVO RODRIGUEZ GOMEZ6-Sep-2022
Feb-2013Operating-point driven formulation for analog computer-aided designArtículoESTEBAN TLELO CUAUTLE6-Sep-2022
1-Apr-2013Optimizing the positive Lyapunov exponent in multi-scroll chaotic oscillators with differential evolution algorithmArtículoVictor Hugo Carbajal-Gómez; ESTEBAN TLELO CUAUTLE6-Sep-2022
May-2013Symbolic Moment Computation for Statistical Analysis of Large Interconnect NetworksArtículoESTEBAN TLELO CUAUTLE6-Sep-2022
Jun-2013A methodology for simulation of hybrid Single-electron/MOS transistor circuitsArtículoLibrado Arturo Sarmiento Reyes; FRANCISCO JAVIER CASTRO GONZALEZ; Luis Hernández Martínez26-Aug-2022
2013Symbolic Analysis and Reordering of Nonlinear Circuit’s Equations in Order to Accelerate Homotopy SimulationArtículoLibrado Arturo Sarmiento Reyes; Luis Hernández Martínez; ALEJANDRO DIAZ SANCHEZ26-Aug-2022
2013Homotopy-Continuation Picard MethodArtículoLibrado Arturo Sarmiento Reyes; ALEJANDRO DIAZ SANCHEZ26-Aug-2022
13-Feb-2013Fixed-Term HomotopyArtículoLibrado Arturo Sarmiento Reyes; ALEJANDRO DIAZ SANCHEZ25-Aug-2022
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 328