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The LICK/SDSS library. I. synthetic index definition and calibration
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Galaxies: stellar content
Stars: fundamental parameters
Stars: late-type
A new synthetic library of spectral feature indices, Lick/Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS), for stellar population studies is presented. Lick/SDSS is computed from synthetic spectra with resolving power R = 1800 to fully exploit the content of the spectroscopic SDSS–DR7 stellar database. The Lick/SDSS system is based on the Lick/IDS one complemented with a UV index in the wavelength region of Ca ɪɪ H and K lines. The system is well suited to study α-element abundances in F, G, and K stars. The reliability of synthetic indices in reproducing the behaviors of observational ones with effective temperature, surface gravity, overall metallicity, and α-element abundances is tested by using empirical stellar libraries (ELODIE, INDO–U.S., and MILES) and the SDSS–DR7 spectroscopic database. The importance of using the same temperature scale in comparing theoretical and observational indices is discussed. The full consistency between Lick/SDSS and observational indices derived from the above mentioned stellar libraries is assessed. The comparison with indices computed from SDSS–DR7 spectra evidences good consistency for “dwarf” stars and significant disagreement for “giant” stars due to systematic overestimation of the stellar Teff by the SEGUE Stellar Parameter Pipeline.
The Astrophysical Journal
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Franchini, M., et al, (2010). The LICK/SDSS library. I. synthetic index definition and calibration, The Astrophysical Journal, Vol. 719(1):240–263
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