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On the extreme positive star formation feedback condition in scuba sources
Filiberto Hueyotl Zahuantitla
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Galaxies: formation
Galaxies: high-redshift
Galaxies: starburst
We present a detailed study of the hydrodynamics of the matter reinserted by massive stars via stellar winds and supernovae explosions in young assembling galaxies.We show that the interplay between the thermalization of the kinetic energy provided by massive stars, radiative cooling of the thermalized plasma, and the gravitational pull of the host galaxy lead to three different hydrodynamic regimes. These are: (1) the quasi-adiabatic supergalactic winds; (2) the bimodal flows, with mass accumulation in the central zones and gas expulsion from the outer zones of the assembling galaxy; and (3) the gravitationally bound regime, for which all of the gas returned by massive stars remains bound to the host galaxy and is likely to be reprocessed into further generations of stars. Which of the three possible solutions takes place depends on the mass of the star-forming region, its mechanical luminosity (or star formation rate), and its size. The model predicts that massive assembling galaxies with large star formation rates similar to those detected in Submillimeter Common-User Bolometric Array sources (∼1000M⊙ yr⁻¹) are likely to evolve in a positive star formation feedback condition, either in the bimodal or in the gravitationally bound regime. This implies that star formation in these sources may have little impact on the intergalactic medium and result instead into a fast interstellarmatter enrichment, as observed in high redshift quasars.
The Astrophysical Journal
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Silich, Sergiy, et al., (2010), On the extreme positive star formation feedback condition in scuba sources, The Astrophysical Journal, Vol. 711(1):25–31
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