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A methodology for modeling vias in high-speed interconnects including electromagnetic radiation effects
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Electromagnetic waves
High-speed integrated circuits
Nowadays, RF electronics systems are demanding high performance operating frequencies and compactness. Integration approaches, as system on package, have emerged as a reliable solution because it is based on multilayer technology using low-cost and high-performance materials. Nevertheless, these systems use vertical interconnects, especially vias, to connect several traces and devices through different layers. For this reason, studying the performance of these interconnects is mandatory these days for optimizing the corresponding structures. However, as the frequency of operation of the electronics systems increases this task has become more complicated due to the high-order effects that occur within vias carrying signals at these frequencies. In this regard, the purpose of this thesis is the study and characterization of the high order effects occurring in vias. Consequently, a new topology for the characterization of vias embedded in dielectric substrates surrounded by ground vias is presented as a result of this thesis. Chip design as well as fabrication technologies have experienced a tremendous evolution in recent years, whereas package design at this time barely starts to evolve. In fact the delay associated with vias embedded in packages is reaching unacceptable levels letting current electronic systems unable to handle high-frequencies signals, becoming vias the bottleneck when designing high-speed interconnection channels. For this reason, package performance at high frequencies has to improve by identifying the effects that negatively influence the corresponding electrical performance. In order to do this, equivalent circuit models for packages can be used in the analysis to carry out an optimization of the interconnection channel. Thus, within this project several prototypes were fabricated to carry out an exhaustive analysis of the origins of high-order effects which degrade the signals in practical interconnection channels implemented in PCB technology. This analysis includes not only experimental studies of these structures, but also full-wave simulations of the 3D-models corresponding to these structures correlating both approaches.
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Tlaxcalteco Matus M.A.
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