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Issue DateTitlePublication Type/ Resource TypeAuthor(s)Submit Date
2010Fully adaptable band‐stop filter using varactor diodesArtículoIGNACIO LLAMAS GARRO; ZABDIEL BRITO BRITO; Lluis Pradell; ALONSO CORONA CHAVEZ1-Oct-2018
2010Design and development of miniaturized filters using substrate integrated semicircular cavitiesArtículoALONSO CORONA CHAVEZ; JOSE LUIS OLVERA CERVANTES3-Oct-2018
2010A high temperature superconducting quasi elliptic notch filter for radioastronomyArtículoALONSO CORONA CHAVEZ; IGNACIO LLAMAS GARRO3-Oct-2018
2010A half mode substrate integrated epsilon near zero resonator and notch filterArtículoTEJINDER KAUR KATARIA; ALONSO CORONA CHAVEZ3-Oct-2018
2010Complex permittivity measurements using cavity perturbation technique with substrate integrated waveguide cavitiesArtículoHUMBERTO LOBATO MORALES; ALONSO CORONA CHAVEZ; JOSE LUIS OLVERA CERVANTES3-Oct-2018
2010A novel Epsilon Near Zero (ENZ) tunneling circuit using microstrip technology for high integrability applicationsArtículoALONSO CORONA CHAVEZ; JOSE LUIS OLVERA CERVANTES3-Oct-2018
2011Permittivity measurements at microwave frequencies using Epsilon-Ear-Zero (ENZ) tunnel structureArtículoHumberto Lobato Morales; ALONSO CORONA CHAVEZ; JOSE LUIS OLVERA CERVANTES; JUAN MARTINEZ BRITO27-Mar-2019
2011Dual-Band Multi-Pole Directional Filter for Microwave Multiplexing ApplicationsArtículoHumberto Lobato Morales; ALONSO CORONA CHAVEZ; Tatsuo Itoh; JOSE LUIS OLVERA CERVANTES1-Apr-2019
2011Novel microwave filters based on Epsilon Near Zero waveguide tunnelsArtículoALONSO CORONA CHAVEZ; BARBARA EMMA SANCHEZ RINZA1-Apr-2019
2011Coaxial narrowband filters using a versatile suspended resonatorArtículoIGNACIO LLAMAS GARRO; ALONSO CORONA CHAVEZ29-Mar-2019