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Issue DateTitlePublication Type/ Resource TypeAuthor(s)Submit Date
2012A Bayesian approach for object classification based on clusters of SIFT local featuresArtículoLeonardo Chang Fernández; Luis Enrique Sucar Succar; Eduardo Francisco Morales Manzanares20-Apr-2021
2011A comparison of dynamic naive Bayesian classifiers and hidden Markov models for gesture recognitionArtículoHECTOR HUGO AVILES ARRIAGA; Luis Enrique Sucar Succar; Luis Alberto Pineda Cortés12-Mar-2019
Dec-2019A novel indicator to assess upper limb usage in daily living and its preliminary evaluation during recovery from acute strokeTesis de maestríaSilvia Iliana Franco Pastrana8-Mar-2021
2011An energy-based model for region-labelingArtículoHugo Jair Escalante Balderas; Manuel Montes y Gómez; Luis Enrique Sucar Succar13-Feb-2019
Feb-2021Arquitectura de fusión en cascada para la predicción de precio del mercado eléctrico mayorista Tesis de maestríaClaudio López Antypas7-Jun-2021
Nov-2019Automatic hierarchical nesting of partially observable markov decision processes for task planning in service roboticsTesis de maestríaSergio Serrano11-Feb-2020
Jan-2019Detección de fallas distribuida usando redes bayesianas de múltiples seccionesTesis de maestríaAna Li Oña García8-Feb-2019
2012FPGA-based detection of SIFT interest keypointsArtículoLeonardo Chang Fernández; Luis Enrique Sucar Succar; MIGUEL OCTAVIO ARIAS ESTRADA20-Apr-2021
Nov-2019Hierarchical classification with bayesian networks and chained classifiersTesis de maestríaJONATHAN SERRANO PEREZ11-Feb-2020
Aug-2018Human body pose tracking based on spatio-temporal joints dependency learningTesis de maestríaRodrigo Barrita Zebadúa21-Jun-2019
Jan-2019Learning causal probabilistic graphical models and their application to the analysis of effective connectivity from functional near infrared spectroscopyTesis de doctoradoSamuel Montero-Hernandez8-Feb-2019
2012Multi-class particle swarm model selection for automatic image annotationArtículoHugo Jair Escalante Balderas; Manuel Montes y Gómez; Luis Enrique Sucar Succar15-Oct-2019
2012Multimodal indexing based on semantic cohesion for image retrievalArtículoHugo Jair Escalante Balderas; Manuel Montes y Gómez; Luis Enrique Sucar Succar15-Oct-2019
2012Semantic cohesion for image annotation and retrievalArtículoHugo Jair Escalante Balderas; Luis Enrique Sucar Succar; Manuel Montes y Gómez15-Oct-2019
2011Using a Markov random field for image Re-ranking based on visual and textual featuresArtículoRicardo Omar Chavez García; Manuel Montes y Gómez; Luis Enrique Sucar Succar18-Feb-2019